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    Resiliency4Life is a self-directed online program that consists of a series of four pillars. Each addresses a specific skill set strongly associated with both mental and physical well-being leading to better health, happiness and higher performance in every domain. Whether your focus is on strengthening your medical/physical status, your outlook and mood, or improving your performance in any area of life, you'll find solutions here.

    Structured For Success:

    Resiliency4Life is a "virtual" platform that provides several easily learnable, evidence based tools. They significantly boost your level of resilience, and build your ability to resist and "bounce back" from life's adversities.

    Guidelines for use:

    • Resiliency4Life is extremely flexible to implement and can be completed at your own pace. For example, the entire content of the Resiliency4Life program can be read in approximately one hour.
    • However, most complete one pillar at a time and implement each pillar's applications over a period of four weeks.
    • Others like to read through the entire program, and then go back and focus on the ones that seem more relevant to their needs at the time.
    • Many are able to begin seeing and feeling benefits right away, though they will magnify and grow as you continue to apply each specific resiliency building technique to your life.
    • Few things worthwhile happen over night. And the benefits of building your inner resiliency gather over time. They don't prevent negative or stressful things from happening, but they will help you "re-set" and move to the next level much more quickly.

    You may also notice a more positive mental attitude and increased levels of motivation. Many participants develop a renewed commitment to healthier habits and rituals such as:

    • Exercising 
    • Eating better and losing weight
    • Sleeping better
    • Enjoying nature
    • Connecting with others

    In other words, finding more meaning, purpose and engagement in life.

    Next, use the navigation tabs on the left margin to read the introduction and then onto Pillar 1, Developing Mental Hardiness.

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    Built on forty five years of industry experience, Mindability programs have been successfully used by leading hospitals, mental health centers, government agencies, and individuals ranging from college students to mature adults.

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